The Resolutions Committee for the CCRP 03/24/18 County Convention will meet at 6:15 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21st at the Republican Primary Office, 117 S. Main St., Lockhart, TX 78644.
In Texas, parties hold their own conventions in election years. In even-numbered years, Texas Republicans hold precinct conventions, county conventions, a state convention, and in presidential years, a national convention.  2018 is a gubernatorial year, so our highest level of convention this year will be the State Convention.

The purposes of the conventions are to:

* Choose delegates and alternates to the next higher convention level, when applicable; and

* Consider resolutions or statements on policy issues to send to the next higher convention and/or for eventual inclusion in the state or national party platform.


Conducting a Precinct Convention


* The County Executive Committee sets the date, time, and location. The Caldwell County Executive Committee voted to have the 2018 Precinct Conventions at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the First Lockhart Baptist Connection Center, 200 S. Blanco in Lockhart 78644.


* If you voted in the 2018 Republican Primary, you may participate in your precinct’s convention.

* Anyone who did not vote in the Primary can complete the Oath of Affiliation as long as they did not vote in the Democrat Primary.

* If only one person attends, he/she fills out the minutes and may elect delegates and alternates from their own precinct to the County Convention.

Who leads the meeting?

If present, the incumbent precinct chair is the temporary chair of the precinct convention.

* If the incumbent precinct chair is not present at the time to convene the precinct convention, any eligible Republican primary voter in the precinct may act as temporary convention chair.

The Permanent precinct convention chair does not become the precinct chair and their responsibilities end upon adjournment of the precinct convention.

The precinct chair is elected in the Primary election.

*  Use the Sample Precinct Convention Script as a guide to conduct the convention.

Electing Delegates and Alternates

Your County Chair will inform you of allotted number of delegates and alternates for your precinct.

* You do not have to be present to be nominated and elected to the County Convention, but you must have voted in the Republican Primary or completed the Oath of Affiliation.

* To establish eligibility, compare the list of delegates and alternates to the list of people that voted in the Republican primary which is provided by the election judge. Also consider any Oaths of Affiliation.

Passing Resolutions

All proposed resolutions should be submitted in writing and, if possible, emailed to the secretary for inclusion in the minutes.

* Resolutions may be debated, amended, adopted or defeated.


Records must be available for participants or media for 30 minutes after adjournment. Use this time to finalize paperwork.

* The Precinct Chair MUST return, either electronically or in person, all original copies of all convention documents to the County Chair within three days or postmarked within two days of the convention. Otherwise, the convention will not be valid. (Texas Election Code Sec. 174.027)


2018 Republican Conventions:
Mark Your Calendar!


Caldwell County Republican Precinct Conventions will be at the First Lockhart Baptist Connection Center (200 S. Blanco Street, Lockhart, TX 78644) on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.   
Requirements for participation are: (1) voted in the March 6, 2018 Republican Primary OR (2) you must NOT have voted in the March 6, 2018 Democrat Primary AND you must sign an Oath of Affiliation with the Republican Party for 2018.

To preview the instructions, script, and forms used for the Precinct Conventions, go to to the section on "Precinct Convention", and research the links on the RPT website.
Caldwell County Republican Party's County Convention will be at at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 24th, 2018 at the First Lockhart Baptist Connection Center, 200 S. Blanco Street, Lockhart, TX 78644
To participate in the business of the County Convention, you must have been elected as a delegate or alternate from the Precinct Convention of the Precinct in Caldwell County where you are registered to vote.

Caldwell County will be allowed a maximum of 16 delegates and 16 alternates to the State Covention (all in SD21).

For more information about County Conventions, go to to the section on "County/Senatorial District Convention" on the RPT website.
The Republican Party of Texas State Convention
is June 11 - 16 at the Henry V. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio TX.  For more information, refer to the RPT website at: 

To participate in the business of the State Convention, you must be a delegate or alternate elected at the County Convention.

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