Notice is hereby given of a drawing to determine the order in which the names of candidates are to
be printed on the Republican Primary ballot for the election to be held on March 6, 2018 in
Caldwell County, Texas. 

The Caldwell County Republican Primary drawing will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 21,
2017, at 117 S. Main Street, Lockhart, TX 78644. 
(The last office in the hall of the“Betty Rundell Building”)

The Method of Drawing for Ballot Order was determined by a Resolution adopted by the Caldwell
County Republican Party’s County Executive Committee on September 14, 2017 (see below.)
Kathy L. Haigler
County Chair
Caldwell County Republican Party
Resolution Designating the Method of Drawing of Ballot Positions
for the 2018 Primary in Caldwell County, Texas
A) WHEREAS, The Texas Election Code provides that the Executive Committee of a county
political party shall convene for the purpose of drawing for ballot positions for candidates in the Primary
Election in that county or it may delegate the drawing for ballot positions to the Primary Committee
of the party1; and 
B) WHEREAS, The Executive Committee of said county party may adopt supplemental rules for
the purpose of drawing for ballot positions to assure that each candidate has equal opportunity to draw
a preferred position and to assure the accuracy in recording the ballot positions which have
been drawn; now therefore, be it 
C) RESOLVED, The Executive Committee adopts the following supplemental rules for the drawing of
ballot positions for the 2018 Primary Election: 
  1) Drawing for ballot position shall be from a new deck of shuffled playing cards using the “2”
through “10” cards of any same suit; and 
  2) The member of the Primary Committee will ensure that none of the card numbers are visible to
any person drawing or to any person observing the drawing when presenting the spread-out stack for
selection; and 
  3) The order of drawing shall occur by:
    a)  Ballot order of office3 (President to Precinct Chairman), then by
    b)  Alpha-numeric order (District, Place, or Precinct Numbers), then by
    c)  Filing order (First to file, to most recent to file), or by alphabetical order of candidates’ last name
only if filing order is unknown 
  4) Notwithstanding any other provisions, a candidate or a candidate’s representative who is
present for the drawing shall draw before any candidate who is not present or not represented by a
person drawing for him or her and therefore represented by a Primary Committee member2; and  
  5) The lowest (smallest) card number drawn will be the candidate with the first ballot position in that
race on the 2016 Primary Ballot, the second lowest (smallest) card number drawn will be the candidate
in the second ballot position in that race, and so on; and 
  6) There shall be three persons independently recording the results of the drawing and if there is an
error and any two recorders agree, that number shall be considered accurate; and 
  7) The drawing for ballot positions and the recording of the results shall be continuously supervised
by one or more members of the Primary Committee; and 
  8) Each candidate shall be given a form with his / her name as said name is to appear on the ballot
and with their ballot position shown as drawn, then signed by the candidate or their representative,
indicating confirmation of the accuracy of his / her name as it is to appear on the ballot and their ballot
position; and 
  9) In the event of a Primary Runoff Election, the candidates’ names on the runoff primary election
ballot shall be in the same order as on the general primary election ballot 4.
D) ADOPTED by the Executive Committee of the Caldwell County Republican Party of Caldwell County,
Texas, on September 14, 2017.
1 T.E.C. Section 172.082b  Order of names on General Primary Ballot
2 T.E.C. Section 172.082d,e  Notice and representation for General Primary Ballot drawing
3 T.E.C. Sections 172.084  Order of Names on Runoff Primary Ballot
4 H.B. 1735, 85th Legislature, Regular Session


The filing period for all offices ended
Monday, December 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

you file for a place on the Republican Primary Ballot, you should file
your CTA at the Elections Administrator's office
(1401 Blackjack, Lockhart 78644):

Campaign Treasurer Appointment (CTA) Forms for...
     Non-Judicial Candidates and Officeholders:  
     Judicial Candidates and Officeholders:

THEN, when you file with the Republican Party for office, please bring your
completed and notarized for a Place on the Ballot, along with either:
(1) your filing fee, or
(2) your Petitions in Lieu of a Filing Fee (which must also be notarized).

PLEASE NOTE:  It is not required by law, but your County
Chairman would very much appreciate it if you would
bring/send a copy of your filed Campaign Treasurer
Appointment along with your application for any office
other than Precinct Chairman or County Chairman

Please note the dates and times Chairman Haigler is
available to accept your filing at the Primary Office on the
dates and times listed on the "2018 Primary Info" tab of
this website. 
The Primary Office address is 117 S. Main St.,
Lockhart, TX 78644. 
We're in the Lone Star Realty, or Betty Rundell Building. 

Texas Secretary of State

State Capitol
P.O. Box 12060
Austin, Texas 78711-2060
(512) 463-5650 or 1-800-252-VOTE (8683)

Offices up for Election in 2018:
ADDITIONALLY, Caldwell County has an Unexpired Term for 
Caldwell County Commissioner, Precinct 1.

Qualifications for Office:
Candidate Information page:

Filing Fees or Signature Requirements:

Signatures required for County-Wide Office = 180

Signatures required for Pct. 1 position = 60

Signatures required for Pct. 2 position = 50

Signatures required for Pct. 3 position = 50

Signatures required for Pct. 4 position = 50

Election Forms: (

Application for a Place on the 2018 Primary Ballot (County and State offices):
Application for a Place on the 2018 Primary Ballot (Federal office):
Petition in Lieu of a Filing Fee:

Important 2018 Election Dates:

Texas Ethics Commission

State Capitol                 (512) 463-5800
Physical Address:         Mailing Address:
201 E. 14 St                  P.O. Box 12070
10th Floor                     Austin, TX 78711-2070
Austin, Texas 78701


Publications and Guides:

Campaign Finance Guide
(includes Campaign Finance Report Form & Instructions) for...
    Candidates and Officeholders Who File With Local Filing Authorities:
    Candidates and Officeholders Who File With the TX Ethics  Commission:
    Judicial Candidates and Officeholders:

Filing Schedule:

Political Advertising:

Political Fundraising:

Campaign Treasurer Appointment (CTA) Forms for...
     Non-Judicial Candidates and Officeholders:  
     Judicial Candidates and Officeholders:

Texas Department of Transportation on Campaign Signs:

CCRP does not have Legal Counsel for our County Party!! 
The Chairman does not give legal advice!!

If you have questions about the SOS applications, deadlines
or qualifications, please contact the SOS Legal Team at
1-800-252-2216, Option 2.

If you have questions about campaign finance or political
advertising, please contact the free attorneys at the
Texas Ethics Commission at 512-463-5800.

You may also retain private legal counsel for interpretation of the law.

We do not have a Notary in the Primary office - you must have your
document(s) already notarized when you come to file.

We look forward to working with you!
Kathy Haigler
Caldwell County Republican Party County Chairman:

The Republican Party of Texas
has a resource page for candidates, as well:

The Republican Party of Texas
asks candidates to complete this brief survey:

When You Are Ready to File

You may pay your filing fee by:
**Cashier's Check (**preferred)
**Money Order (**preferred)
Campaign Check
Personal Check
Cash (not suggested)

If a check is returned insufficient after the filing deadline
ou will not be allowed to be on the ballot.

Candidates for Party Office


There is no filing fee for Precinct Chairman.

Filing has already begun for Precinct Chairman and will continue until 6:00 p.m. on December 11th.


There is no filing fee for County Chairman.

Filing for County Chairman began on November 11th and will continue until
6:00 p.m. on December 11th.


The form to file for Precinct Chairman or County Chairman is here:

You must file your Application for a Place on the 2018 Primary Ballot with County Chairman
Kathy Haigler.  Applications will also be accepted at the Primary Office in Lockhart and
the dates and times posted on the "2018 Primary Info" page of this website.