Caldwell County Republicans promote and support the
principles of the Republican Party of Texas Platform, and
the candidates who are associated with our Party and
support our Platform:

  • Strong Families

  • Limited Government

  • Equal Opportunity For All

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Rugged Individualism

  • Principled, Innovative Leadership

  • Honest Compassion

  • Quality Education

  • Freedom

  • Protection of Innocent Life

  • Traditional Family Values 

  • Freedom that is God given, affirmed by our Founding
    Fathers, articulated
    in the Declaration of Independence,
    and protected
    by the Constitution.


Find out more information about the Republican Party of Texas platform here.

Caldwell County Republican Party Officers
County Chairman:            Kathy Haigler
Vice-Chairman:                Troy Swift
Secretary:                       Cindy Johnson
Treasurer/PAC Treasurer:  Lora Allen
Caldwell County Republican Executive Committee
Pct First Name Last Name Street  City ST Zip Email Phone
100 Arnulfo "Arnold" Alonzo 761 B Guadalupe St. Lockhart TX 78644 512-376-6615
101 Karen Granados 1001 Guadalupe St. Apt #622 Lockhart TX 78644 701-330-9446
102 James  Henderson 69 Stagecoach Ct. Lockhart TX 78644 512-376-7559
103 Jayson "Tex" Cordova 936 W. Prairie Lea St. Lockhart TX 78644 512-668-4736
104 Rosario "Chayo" Rodriguez 253 Martindale Lake Rd Maxwell TX 78646 512-995-1098
111 Patrick O'Connor 1615 Sundown Blvd Lockhart TX 78644 512-376-5115
203 Susan  Blair 5210 Tenney Creek Rd Luling TX 78648 512-775-4020
204 Cynthia  Johnson 7170 Old Colony Line Rd Lockhart TX 78644 512-398-4405
206 Bob Bush 10734 S. Hwy 183 Lockhart TX 78644 512-665-5494
301 Troy Swift 150 Storm Rd Lockhart TX 78644 512-212-0778
302 Jarrett Cochran 396 Thomas Dr. Martindale TX 78655 512-557-5385
303 Kristie E. Brady 12500 Camino Real Kyle TX 78640 512-757-4136
402 Susana  Olson 406 North Blanco Street Lockhart TX 78644 512-698-2003
405 Lora Allen 728 Green Acre Drive Dale TX 78616 512-995-0085
412 Kathleen  McCormick 703 W. San Antonio St. Lockhart TX 78644 512-398-6292

State Republican Executive Committee Representation for SD21 

SREC SD21 Mike Goldman

(713) 502-1604


SREC SD21 Committeewoman Naomi Narvaiz

(512) 738-7000


Republican Elected Officials

Links to U.S. Senators' Campaign and Official web pages here:
   Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator
   John Cornyn, U.S. Senator

Blake Farenthold, U.S. Congressional District 27
   Campaign web: 
   Official web:

Links to Statewide Officials' Campaign and Official web pages here

Greg Abbott, Governor   
Dan Patrick, Lt. Governor
Ken Paxton, Attorney General
Glenn Hegar, State Comptroller
George P. Bush, Land Commissioner
Sid Miller, Agriculture Commissioner
Christie Craddick, Railroad Commissioner
Ryan Sitton, Railroad Commissioner
David Porter, Railroad Commissioner

Links to Texas Supreme Court Justices' Official and Campaign web pages here:

Nathan Hecht,  Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court Pl. 1
Don Willett, Texas Supreme Court Pl. 2
Debra Lehrman, Texas Supreme Court Pl. 3
John Devine, Texas Supreme Court Pl. 4
Paul W. Green, Texas Supreme Couty Pl. 5
Jeff Brown, Texas Supreme Court Pl. 6
Jeffrey Boyd, Texas Supreme Court Pl. 7
Phil Johnson, Texas Supreme Court Pl. 8
Eva Guzman, Texas Supreme Court Pl. 9

Links to Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Justices' Official web pages here:
Sharon Keller, Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 1
Lawrence Meyers, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 2
Bert Richardson, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 3
Kevin Patrick Yeary, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 4
Cheryl Johnson, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 5
Michael Keasler, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 6
Barbara Parker Hervey, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 7
Elsa Alcala, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 8
David Newell, Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 9
Jeff Rose, Presiding Judge, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 1
Cindy Olson Bourland, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 2
Scott Field, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 3
Melissa Goodwin, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 4
David Puryear, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 5
Bob Pemberton, 3rd Court of Appeals Place 6
Ken Mercer, State Board of Education, Place 5
   Campaign Web: 
   Official Web:
John Cyrier, State Representative District 17
   Campaign Web:
   Official Web:

Bruce Boyer, 22nd District Judge
Jack Robison, 207th District Judge
Todd Blomerth, 421st District Court Judge
Ken Schawe, Caldwell County Judge
Matt Kiely, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
Ben E. Brady, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3
Last Update of Officials: 06/06/15 -kh.